This coffee scrub bar whose roots are forged using Panther Coffee specialty coffee sourced from Brazil

Using a double brew process along with the combination of a coffee oil essential oil from Brazil this scrub bar simply smells delightful. Incorporated are the used coffee grounds which are thoroughly dried, sifted reassuring maximum exfoliation, eliminating any abrasion possibilities producing a scrub bar that is gentle on the skin.

Colored with Yellow Brazilian Clay and activated charcoal this dynamic duo delivers all the wants and needs in a quality scrub bar.  Extremely exfoliating, deodorizing, detoxification all the while completely revitalizing your skin.

Ingredients are sustainable, organic, clay and plant-based natural colorants, ethically sourced.

Categories: Exfoliating / Scrub, Shaving

Panther Coffee + Numinous Sustainable Soap: Coffee Scrub
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